Sinus Slide joints

Communication on European patent n°2729619 and n°2027340. 

We are pleased to announce that the European patent office decided to grant on 06.05.2015 a European patent n° 2729619 based on the European patent application EP13708716 directed to the cosinus slide joint and also decided to grant on 13.05.2015 a European patent n°  2027340 based on the European patent application EP06754306 directed to the Sinus slide jointing solution in general. With this decisions the European patent office recognizes the innovative solutions of HCJ in expansion joints for industrial flooring.

Sinus Slide® reference en testimonial video

HC-Omega Sinus Slide®
The  HC-Omega Sinus Slide® Joint is a new developed, unique and protected product (patent pending), which has revolutionised the market and ushers in a new era in industrial flooring technology.
HC-Delta Sinus Slide®
The HC-Delta Sinus Slide® profile is an expanding joint which was developed along with the HC-Omega Sinus Slide® profile, then applied to the HC-Delta (+) range. Refer to the HC-Omega Sinus Slide® profile for an extensive description of the...

Traditional joints

The HC-O profile is a very robust and strong expanding joint and has proved its effectiveness for over 20 years. This design was recently adapted and improved, yielding even better results than before. This joint comprises two 5 mm thick S235JRG2...
HC-Delta (+)
The HC-Delta (+)  profile is the first addition to the existing range and has been on the market for more than 10 years. This profile is distinguished by its robust and solid implementation. This profile was initially designed and applied by...