Cosinus Slide® Joint

The Cosinus Slide® joint is the showpiece in our product range. In our searching to develop the perfect expansion joint, we introduced a complete new jointing solution (patent pending) which is realizing the best load transfer system ever.The Cosinus Slide® joint has combined the Sinus Slide® solution with an unique technology of load bearing capacity of the floor without any dowel system.

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Communication on the European patent No. 2729619 and No. 2027340.

We are pleased to announce that on 06/05/2015 the European
Patent Office has decided to grant a European patent no. 2729619 based on the European patent application EP13708716 directed to the Cosinus Slide joint and on 13/05/2015 decided to grant the European patent no. 2027340 based on European patent application EP06754306 addressed to the Sinus Slide joint solution in general. With these decisions, the European Patent Office recognizes HCJ's innovative solutions in construction joints for industrial floors.

The Cosinus Slide® joint is characterized by a stable double 2x5 mm Sinus steel plate on top opposed by a double Sinus steel plate on bottom. Instead of traditional anchor studs the joint is fixed in the concrete by a special wreathed continuous rebar system over the total length of the joint and with connections top and bottom. A small steel plate in the middle prevents overflowing of the concrete. 

Thanks to the Sinus-Cosinus geometrical shaped form of the joint and the concrete, load transfer is not realized by the joint (with dowels)  but by the floor itself.  That’s why we say the joint is the floor, the floor is the joint.  Each sinus corrugation on top is opposed by a cosinus corrugation underneath. These crossed sinus corrugated steel plates shape small vertical steel concrete columns over each other. The load bearing of these columns defines the load bearing capacity of the complete floor. The loads are transferred simultaneously and proportionally throughout and over the floor by those vertical Concrete Columns shaped and supported by the Sinus-Cosinus  geometry.  This unique load bearing capacity of the floor slab is calculated and proved for all kind of forklift traffic.

Profile height
max. profile height
Profile length
Slab thickness
Adjustable steel plate
Weight per profile
Weight per meter
115 150 2590 60 50 115-150 50 28.04 10.82
160 215 2590 80 75 160-215 75 36,06 13.92
205 300 2590 80 120 205-300 120 41.61 16.07


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