HC-Omega Sinus Slide®

The  HC-Omega Sinus Slide® Joint is a new developed, unique and protected product (patent pending), which has revolutionised the market and ushers in a new era in industrial flooring technology.

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The sinus form of the HC-Sinus Slide® joint and the concrete ensures continuous support for passing wheels which enables vibration– and shock free crossings and creates smooth and optimal load transfers. Wheels are sliding noiseless from one-floor slab to another which creates an unprecedented level of comfort.

Advantages are huge. On the one hand important YEARLY SAVINGS can be realised. Material handling equipment is also no longer liable to shocks and vibrations. Accordingly there is less wear and expensive repairs are avoided. The life of the equipment is considerably prolonged. Only with the savings on forklifts wheels, the investement will be recoverd in less then 1 year.Damage to the floor and joint is almost impossible as the cause of the damage (shocks caused by the  

On the other hand, the workplace is not only more comfortable but also safer. The Forklift operator will now experience an unprecedented level of comfort. The Sima Sinus slide® joint complies with the European directive  2002/44/EG regarding exposure of workers to whole body vibrations. 

Also goods and materials can now be transported without any shocks and vibrations. This is especially important where transportation of vibration sensitive goods is concerned, such as electronic parts, equipment and chemicals. wheels of the forklift when passing a joint) is eliminated. Expensive and complex repairs on floor and  joint will be avoided.

Profile height
Profile length
Slab thickness
Adjustable steel plate
Weight per meter
Meter per pallet
140 2997 150-160 18,86 108
150 2997 160-170 20 19,69 108
160 2997 170-180 30 20,62 108
180 2997 190-200 40 22,22 90
200 2997 210-220 55 24,02 90
220 2997 230-240 75 25,62 81
240 2997 250-260 40 27,22 81
260 2997 270-280 65 27,70 81
280 2997 290-300 85 28,02 63
300 2997 310-320 105 28,34 63


HCJ Sinus Slide® reference video Toyota

Sinus Slide Simulation

Sinus Slide Principal

Sinus Slide joints

Communication on European patent n°2729619 and n°2027340. 

We are pleased to announce that the European patent office decided to grant on 06.05.2015 a European patent n° 2729619 based on the European patent application EP13708716 directed to the cosinus slide joint and also decided to grant on 13.05.2015 a European patent n°  2027340 based on the European patent application EP06754306 directed to the Sinus slide jointing solution in general. With this decisions the European patent office recognizes the innovative solutions of HCJ in expansion joints for industrial flooring.