1. Free horizontal movement of the floor

Concrete has the unavoidable disadvantage of shrinking as it dries. This crimping must be compensated for by using expansion joints, or the result will be crack formation. Such compensation can be allowed if our HCJ expansion joints are installed, which allow for free horizontal movement of the floor.

2. Limited vertical movement

As the shrinkage is absorbed, our expansion joints provide maximum protection against possible vertical movement of the different floor portions. Traditional slots offer no protection in this case. Intense forklift traffic experiences some degree of unwanted impact from even the slightest movement between two floor portions, inflicting serious damage to both the floor and the machine. Further, a reasonable difference between two floor portions leads to an unsafe and inefficient work environment. Our expansion joints deal with these problems.

3. Optimal load transfer

Static loads, such as shelving and machinery being placed on a portion of floor are comparable to the weight of that floor portion itself, in terms of constructing the load bearing posts. Static loads are simpler to manage as their impact can be considered when calculating the strength of the industrial floor.Dynamic loads such as forklifts, internal transport and trailers are more difficult to manage as their unpredictable loads are harder to estimate during planning.In cases where a load is on the edge of a given floor portion, the load will be conveyed to the connecting floor portion by the expansion joint. In this way, the effective maximum loading on the edge of the floor portion is effectively halved for each of the floors without expansion joints, which will extend the service life of the floor considerably.Thanks to the sophisticated design of our expansion joints, the achievable load transfer could be as high as 30 tonne per metre dependent on the implementation and the height of the floor.

4. Edge protection

During intense and prolonged forklift traffic, concrete edges are exposed to damaging shock impact from wheels. In time these edges could crumble and cause further damage, causing unavoidable and expensive repairs. Typically the root cause is not eliminated and the problem would keep on recurring. The 5 mm thick edges of our expansion joints limit this damage. In extreme cases of forklift traffic, we offer better guarantees based on adapted expansion joints (see products).

5. Ideal as day joints

Our expansion joints can be used as day joints. This allows for finishing floor sections according to a daily or longer term deployment schedule. It is feasible to continue construction on an abutting section without the risk of cracking of poor attaching of the concrete.

6. Straightforward installation

Our expansion joints are simple, quick to level and guarantee carefree finishing when pouring concrete. If required, we could supply the necessary production means to achieve an easy installation