Expansion joints for industrial floors

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A unique Technology

Descubra en este sitio web la tecnología, los
beneficios y ventajas de las juntas metálicas de construcción para pisos industriales. En especial, nos gustaría llamar específicamente su atención a la aplicación de la junta Sinus Slide® y al concepto de pisos Cosinus Slide® como soluciones totales para un uso sin preocupaciones y cómodo de su piso.

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Why expansions joints ?

Concrete has the unavoidable disadvantage of shrinking as it dries. This crimping must be compensated for by using expansion joints, or the result will be crack formation. Such compensation can be allowed if our HCJ expansion joints are installed, which allow for free horizontal movement of the floor.

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Why Cosinus Slide® Joint

Best load transfer system

Double slide effect for wheels and loads

Proven high satisfactory test results in most extreme conditions

Shock- and vibration free forklift wheel crossing

Worldwide references

Unique patented technology

Free "design check" and stability verification

Operators experience a no joint feeling and a high level of comfort