New patent granted for Hengelhoef Concrete Joints

We are happy to announce that the European patent office granted Hengelhoef Concrete Joints with a new patent for Sinus Slide® Joints.

Our company continually invests time and money in the improvement of existing joints technology, and a new patent number proves the innovation described in the patent specification.

It shows once more the difference between our Slide® joints and other solutions on the market. Together with other already granted patents, it gives additional protection to our customers when compared with alternatives that attempt to copy our technology. It has been shown over time that these other products do not provide the same benefits for wheels and loads that the Cosinus Slide® joints can and that also they cannot guarantee the high load transfer for floors.

We believe strongly in the continued development of Slide® joints and we never stop tests and calculations always looking for the best possible solution for the market of industrial floors. You can discover more by visiting our webpage for Cosinus Slide® joints.