Cosinus Slide® Joint

The Cosinus Slide® joint is by far the
strongest armoured joint for concrete industrial floors. Invented in 2012, the Cosinus Slide® is a smart investment in the future of your industrial floor.

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Communication on the European patent No. 2729619 and No. 2027340.

We are pleased to announce that on 06/05/2015 the European
Patent Office has decided to grant a European patent no. 2729619 based on the European patent application EP13708716 directed to the Cosinus Slide joint and on 13/05/2015 decided to grant the European patent no. 2027340 based on European patent application EP06754306 addressed to the Sinus Slide joint solution in general. With these decisions, the European Patent Office recognizes HCJ's innovative solutions in construction joints for industrial floors.

Why Cosinus Slide®?

First and most visible: It has the only and unique "double slide" continuous load transfer on the market. The famous sinus wave shape on top of the floor avoids vibrations and neutralizes wheel impact. Second, less visible, yet most important: It has the only and unique "double sinus slide" continuous load transfer system on the market. A second sinus wave in the middle of the floor, in combination with the continuous 3D anchorage system, creates the best performing and highly efficient load transfer system over and throughout the joint. It achieves this without using the limited performance of dowel technology from inferior copies

As a result of combining these two advantages:  

  • Best Load-transfer system: no limitation on where you place your racking system 
  • Decreased floor thickness, while maintaining the strength 
  • Optimal operational efficiency  
  • Less expense in the future on armoured joints and concrete floor maintenance 
  • Less expense in the future on warehouse equipment maintenance (forklift, robots, manual forklift, hand pallet jack) 
  • Continuous 3D anchorage system (patented technology) 
  • High level of comfort experienced by forklift operators
  • Avoids production downtime during maintenance.

Construction joint and industrial floor conditions after many years

Check load transfer performance of your systems

Profile height
max. profile height
Profile length
Slab thickness
Adjustable steel plate
Weight per profile
Weight per meter
90 120 2,60 m 50 35 90-120 40 25,85 9,94
115 150 2,60 m 60 50 115-150 50 30,99 11,92
160 215 2,60 m 80 75 160-215 75 39,42 15,16
205 300 2,60 m 80 120 205-300 120 45,76 17,60
300 400 2,60 m 116 170 300-400 170 61,67 23,72


HCJ Sinus Slide® reference video Toyota

Cosinus Slide® video

Sinus Slide Simulation