e-slide joint

The e-slide construction joint is our
new solution for concrete industrial floors with less heavy loads.

Technical data

Tam, kad gauti tinkamiausią rezultatą, vienodai svarbu apkrovos perdavimo inžinerija ir skaičiavimai. Pasirinkite, ar norite patys patikrinti parinktų profilių veiksmingumą mūsų skačiiuokle ar norite, kad mes pateiktume Jums pilnus skaičiavimus ir sprendinį.

Why e-slide?

Not all floors require the high performance of the Cosinus Slide® joint. It all depends on the exposure to static and dynamic loads. HCJ provides the necessary (and free) design checks to make the right product choice. The e-slide construction joint has a continuous "omega" load transfer mechanism and also uses the continuous 3D anchorage system. Just like with the Cosinus Slide®, the direct contact between steel and concrete creates a zero tolerance load transfer performing far above discontinuous dowel based joints.

The e-slide construction joint has a continuous "omega" load transfer system and continuous 3D anchorage system. We developed e-slide construction armoured joint for concrete industrial floors that do not require very high load transfer capacities for slabs of up to 200mm thickness. 


  • Increased operational efficiency 
  • High performing, zero tolerance, continuous load transfer
  • Less expense in the future on armoured joints and concrete floor maintenance
  • Less expense in the future on warehouse equipment maintenance (forklift, robots, manual forklift, hand pallet jack)
  • Continuous 3D anchorage system (patented technology) 
  • Free horizontal movement in 2 directions
  • High level of comfort experienced by forklift operators
  • Avoids production downtime during maintenance.

Check the load transfer performance of your systems. 

Profile height
Profile length
Slab thickness
Weight per profile
Weight per meter
130 2,60 m 140-150 21,32 8,2
155 2,60 m 160-180 22,39 8,61
180 2,60 m 190-200 23,16 8,91