e-straight joint

The e-straight construction joint is our new solution for concrete industrial floors with less static (racks) and dynamic (traffic) load requirements.

Technical data

Tam, kad gauti tinkamiausią rezultatą, vienodai svarbu apkrovos perdavimo inžinerija ir skaičiavimai. Pasirinkite, ar norite patys patikrinti parinktų profilių veiksmingumą mūsų skačiiuokle ar norite, kad mes pateiktume Jums pilnus skaičiavimus ir sprendinį.

Why e-straight?

The e-straight joint is an efficient solution for non-traffic areas where the sliding effect is not needed. The e-straight construction joint is based on the e-slide technology and differs only with the straight upper steel plates. The Omega load transfer system and the 3D anchorage system is similar to the e-slide and in combination with the e-slide it can control dynamic and static load challenges. It can do this in a more economical way for floors with lower load and traffic demands. 


  • Continuous 3D anchorage system (patented technology) 
  • High performing, zero tolerance, continuous load transfer 
  • Free horizontal movement of the floor in 2 directions 
  • Straight edge protection

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Profile height
Profile length
Slab thickness
Weight per profile
Weight per meter
130 2,60 m 140-150 19,15 7,37
155 2,60 m 160-180 20,22 7,78
180 2,60 m 190-200 20,99 8,07