New X- and T-Crossing System for Cosinus Slide® Joints

After optimizing the Cosinus Slide® Joints in the past years with it's new connection system, we discovered there was also room for progress regarding the crossing elements. Following on from some discussions and brainstorming sessions with partners and customers, we came to the conclusion to re-design the crossing elements completely.

As a result of this process and testings, we are now proud to present the new and improved crossing system that is in line with the high quality of the Cosinus Slide® Joint.

This new design brings a lot of advantages to the installation process and to the floor:

1. No need for cutting the crossing element anymore, the height is adjustable.

2. Improved connection to the joints with movable parts, to be adjusted to the upper sinus wave.

3. Continuous and stiff edge protection.

4. Compact geometry to minimize the risk of vibrations and impacts in case of forklift traffic.

The new elements are already available for your current upcoming projects. As described, the elements are adjustable in height and linked to the height of the Cosinus Slide® joint, so be aware your order for the crossing element should be, linked to your joint height.

All documentation about the new crossing system can be found on the special webpage.