The challenge and truth of static load transfer

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Everything needs to be as efficient as possible

Logistics have developed and changed drastically over the last decade. Loads became higher, racks taller and forklifts faster. The question is however, have the construction materials adapted to these higher demands? What about construction joints for industrial floors? Do they fulfil the requirements of load transfer and limitation of deformation?

Generally, the most critical static loads for an industrial floor comes from racks (back to back racking). This problem remains the same for joints and often becomes the decisive case for the final result of your industrial floor. A high performing construction joint is way more than a fancy looking wave form. For static loads, everything that matters is transferring loads while limiting deformations! 

What is dynamic load transfer? 

The construction joint is integral part of your industrial floor. Only if these joints work efficiently, your hole floor can be efficient.


Different products have different performances

Guess what? As for other construction materials too, different joints have different properties. This starts with the obvious visible things, but the most important property is LOAD TRANSFER!

 70% of industrial floors are UNDER-DESIGNED and load transfer is not properly addressed .

Does this matter to me?


What do you guess the percentage of correctly designed industrial floors is?

We estimate 70% of industrial floors are UNDER-DESIGNED and load transfer is not properly addressed . Only a small part of industrial floor designs take the performance of a joint seriously or into consideration at all. Most of these designs just assume a fixed rate of load transfer at a construction joint.

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