The Cosinus Slide® joint ensures a durable industrial floor.

Armoured joints are one of the most important parts of the floor.

The challenge for joints in industrial floors

We are the global market leader in the innovation and production of expansion joints for concrete floors.

With the Cosinus Slide®️ joint we equip your industrial floor with the most qualitative, durable concrete joints at the lowest total cost of ownership. Our joints have shown their superior load-bearing capabilities in distribution centers, factories, and data centers over the years. Our end-to-end support covers everything from calculations to installation.

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Ask the experts at HCJ to do a free design check to ensure you choose the most suitable construction joint for your project. You can also use our unique online ‘Load Transfer Performance Calculator’ to perform your own pre-designs.

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About HC Joints

The armored joint is the most critical part of a concrete floor and yet has historically been the weakest point until HCJ revolutionized jointing technology. We have made concrete joints as strong as the floor by controlling dynamic and static loads.

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