HC Mini Omega

The HC-Mini Omega joint is specially designed for applications in industrial floors on elevated bearing slabs, stage floors, parking on roofs and also in small industrial floors in buildings and private houses.

HC Omega mini
mini omega

It is suitable as a day joint and a pouring stop for all kinds of top layers, bonded to or debonded from the subbase. For example, hollow core slabs and composite slabs.    

The profile transfers loads across the joint. The joint and joint spacing must be arranged so that the maximum opening is 10 mm.    

A quick-to-install, pre-assembled expansion joint profile with a continuous load transfer device.  

To be used in residential buildings"
 ✔️ schools
 ✔️ private buildings
 ✔️ public buildings

Offered in corrosion-free and stainless-steel material

Floor thickness from 70-120mm

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