e-slide joint

The e-slide construction concrete floor joint is our

new solution for concrete industrial floors with less heavy loads.

Technical data

The appropriate choice for a construction joint is always a function of engineering and calculations for load transfer. Please chose whether you want to run a pre-calculation yourself with our online tool or if you want us to provide you with a complete and free-of-charge design check.

Why e-slide?

Not all floors require the high performance of the Cosinus Slide® joint. It all depends on the exposure to static and dynamic loads. HCJ provides the necessary (and free) design checks to make the right product choice. The e-slide construction joint has a continuous "omega" load transfer mechanism and also uses the continuous 3D anchorage system. Just like with the Cosinus Slide®, the direct contact between steel and concrete creates a zero tolerance load transfer performing far above discontinuous dowel based joints.

The e-slide construction joint has a continuous "omega" load transfer system and continuous 3D anchorage system. We developed e-slide construction armoured joint for concrete industrial floors that do not require very high load transfer capacities for slabs of up to 200mm thickness. 


  • Increased operational efficiency 
  • High performing, zero tolerance, continuous load transfer
  • Less expense in the future on armoured joints and concrete floor maintenance
  • Less expense in the future on warehouse equipment maintenance (forklift, robots, manual forklift, hand pallet jack)
  • Continuous 3D anchorage system (patented technology) 
  • Free horizontal movement in 2 directions
  • High level of comfort experienced by forklift operators
  • Avoids production downtime during maintenance.

Check the load transfer performance of your systems. 

Profile height
Profile length
Slab thickness
Weight per profile
Weight per meter
130 2,60 m 140-150 21,32 8,2
155 2,60 m 160-180 22,39 8,61
180 2,60 m 190-200 23,16 8,91